Addicted to Wocka?

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You know you're addicted to when...

1.) You have dreamt of Wocka in your sleep, and have actually made up a joke in your sleep.

2.) You've added people to your buddy list JUST to see the last time that they've logged in.

3.) The top username in the rankings is your idol.

4.) You have a notebook filled up with all the jokes you've made up.

5.) If you get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, you just HAVE to check how your new joke is doing, along with reading a "quickie" joke.

6.) You know the Wocka point system by heart. (hmmmmm)

7.) As you read this list, you're thinking about forwarding it to your friends.

8.) The only way that you keep in contact with your friends is by sending them jokes from Wocka.

9.) You twitch after you have been without Wocka for a long period of time (2 days for me!)

10.) You have cussed someone out just because they submitted a joke before you.

11.) You have cussed someone out just because they reported your joke as a dupe.

12.) As you read this list, you keep nodding your head and smiling. You also say things like, "Oh crap," and "Whoops!"

13.) You know that the blonde category has the most jokes in it.

14.) You have seen a joke, not on another website, but on WOCKA, and you submit the EXACT SAME joke just to see if it gets a higher ranking than the other one.

15.) You have a pet named "Wocka."

16.) You have a couple other friends that you have made an agreement to rate each other's jokes full smileys.

17.) After reading #13, you actually thought of going to the blonde jokes just to see how many jokes there are in the blonde category.


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Posted by juggleboy502 Jun 09, 2005

just to tell everyone, the blonde category does NOT have the most jokes in it... that was part of the joke so u guys would look to see how many jokes there were in the blonde category... currently, the blonde category has 192 jokes in it, while the other/misc category hast the most, with about 540 jokes in it... thanks!

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Posted by ____isstupid Feb 25, 2006

ok, NONE of them matches me. not even close.

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Posted by lyris Nov 24, 2006

Me neither, but cute joke!

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