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The top 10 signs your best mate is actually a secret agent....

1. His shoe keeps ringing.

2. When you borrow something from him, it explodes after a week.

3. When you drive his car, you accidentally shoot down the AA Roadwatch helicopter.

4. Various other items he owns self-destruct within five seconds of being handled.

5. He introduces himself with his surname then his first name then his surname again.

6. The dashboard of his new sports car resembles an airplane cockpit.

7. Commutes to the office using a jet pack.

8. "Where do I work? Uh... in the Financial Services Centre! Heheh..."

9. Asks to borrow your exploding pens.

10. Favourite phrase is "Yeah, baby... yeah!"

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Posted by shimmermaid Jun 04, 2005

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Posted by Avril_lavigne Jun 25, 2005

:: backs away slowly then starts to run away ::

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