Dumb People

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A group of drug dealers from Mexico tried transporting 6,240 pounds of marijuana to America, by hiding it in a tanker truck disguised as a gasoline truck. They were clever, but not bright. They misspelled the name of the gas station on the side of the truck.

A woman was arrested in Lake City, Florida for robbery of a motel. She was armed with only an electric chainsaw that was not plugged in.

Police in Idaho were amused when they arrived to write up a burglary, and the homeowner told them that the thief had taken his VCR, his bong, and his stash of marijuana. The police ticketed the guy for possession of drug paraphernalia.

A girl went to a Taco Bell and asked for a taco with minimal lettuce. The guy behind the cash register said, "Sorry, we only have iceberg lettuce."

A student in Belle, West Virginia was suspended for 3 days for giving a friend a cough drop. The principal reiterated the school's 'Zero tolerance policy.'

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