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These are some real people's names, and what they grew up to be. They are all true:

1.) Iccolo Miccolo played the piccolo for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

2.) H.M. Balmer was a funeral director in Fort Collins, Colorado.

3.) Miss Birdie Snyder married C. Canary and became Birdie Canary.

4.) Perhaps it was best to ignore the orders of Dr. Besick, a doctor in Chicago, Illinois.

5.) The Clipper brothers worked as barbers in Bakersfield, California.

6.) Mr. Thrift of Keepit, Australia, won the $30,000 first prize in a lottery.

7.) D. Sharp was a radio tenor.

8.) Dr. H.A. Toothacre worked as dentist for the Burlington, Iowa, Independent School District.

9.) B.F. Parsons was a parson who lived in the parsonage on Parson Street in Sarna, Michigan.

10.) Greg Lawless was a police officer.

And Finally...

11.) A.C. Current was an electrical contractor in Tontogany, Ohio. His son's name? D.C. Current.

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Posted by rwethereyet Apr 25, 2005

Enjoyable and titalating!

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Posted by schatzy228 Mar 03, 2006

funny list, still looking for the punchline

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