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An inmate in Virginia sued himself for $5,000,000 for 'violating his rights by getting himself in prison.' However, since he can't get an income in prison, he requests that the government pay the money for him.

A woman sued Kenmore Inc., after she gave her poodle a bath. She stuck him in the microwave on low to dry him off, and is suing Kenmore for the death of her dog.

Four women have sued an Irvine restaurant after one of them claims she found a condom in her clam chowder when dining there last year.

A 10-year-old boy tried to sue his landlord, because, he says, the toilet exploded when he flushed it.

A 27-year-old man tried rocking a vending machine back and forth so he could try to steal a coke from it... and the machine fell on top of him. He is suing the station.

A woman in a California grocery store dropped a beer bottle on her foot. She is suing the store. It didn't leave any damage says reporters, but the lady claims 'it hurt.'

A man is suing American Airlines. While he was using the bathroom, the fire alarm accidentally went off. Workers broke down the bathroom door and pulled the man out, fully exposed, because they thought he was smoking. He wasn't.

A man, whose name is Jack Ass, yes, Jack (First name) Ass (Last name), sued MTV's show "Jackass" because it plagiarized his name.

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