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There was a man who had problems with his penis getting hard. So he went to a doctor and said,"Doctor, can you please help me?"

The doctor said,"Well we can put on replacement penis." There was a wood one, a metal one, and a 20 foot penis.

The man said,"Yes, that will really help.. I'll take the wood one." The doctor told him to come back the next day to let him know how he liked it.

The next day he came back and said,"Doctor, the wood penis is giving my girlfriend splinters and we can't have that."

The doctor said,"Well, try the metal one and come back and tell me how it works."

The next day he came back and said,"Doctor, its not working right. It's too cold for my girlfriend."

The doctor said,"Well, I haven't let any one try the 20 foot one yet but there is a first for everything." Just like the other ones, he told the man to come back.

The next day he did and he said,"Doctor, I love this new penis!"

The doctor replied,"What do you like about it the most?"

The man said,"Well you see that girl over there? BAM! I got her."

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Posted by thegermangemini Mar 02, 2005

Yeeesh! That is the worst to read! Ever wonder why we use punctuation?

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Posted by sevenupplus Nov 07, 2005

i seriously do not get it!

Comment score: 2  

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