Strange Labels

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Some items have the strangest directions/ warnings. Here are a few I've noticed.

On a toilet plunger: Do not use as an umbrella.

On a carton of milk: May contain dairy products.

On a tricycle: Will hurt if on top of someone.

On popcorn: Will pop if heated.

On candy: Directions: Take of wrapper, insert into mouth, chew, and swallow. (No, really?)

On bean bags used for juggling: Do not eat.

On lunchmeat: Do not mistake as toilet paper.

On Gameboy: To play,you must have a thumb.

After computer error: Keyboard malfunction, press enter to continue.

On coke bottle: Do not try to insert head.

On skateboard: May move if rode on.

On shampoo bottle: Warning: May create a lather.

Roadsign: Warning: Unfinished bridge 3 miles.
*3 miles later* We told you there was an unfinished bridge!

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