A, A

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AA and AA

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Posted by fauck Sep 12, 2004

you dont understand it? talkin' about 2 double A batteries...maybe you didn't understand.

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Posted by fauck Sep 16, 2004

oh ok...but i sent this to a friend and she said it was funny......but can you tell me why i can't get many of the other jokes? what is going on here? there are many confusing words and stuff i haven't heard of

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Posted by fauck Sep 20, 2004

well, i never tell people where i'm from, hardly ever...unless i need to.

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Posted by someonenew Jun 29, 2005

GREAT!! I just love it.

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Posted by myaccount Jul 01, 2005

someonenew: ditto!

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Posted by allme Sep 17, 2005

nice one thanks very much

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Posted by SamanthaGold Dec 05, 2006

Chill... u guys clearly don't find it funny but just lay off of him

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Posted by checkers467 Mar 18, 2007

fauck is not hiding the comments. people vote how useful they are. if any comments get below -2, then they are hidden. and p.s., some people do find this funny. its too bad that some of you dont. just lay off him. u shouldnt be mean to him because he doesnt get all jokes and u dont get his. jeez.

Comment score: 8  

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