Boys Will Be Boys

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Three boys are walking along the beach one day when they see a cave. The first boy goes in and is just looking at a banknote on a big rock when a ghostly voice calls out, "I am the ghost of Auntie Mabel and this five dollars stays on the table!"

The second boy goes in and is reaching for the money when the same thing happens again.

The third boy goes in, sees the five dollars and cries out, "I am the ghost of David Crockett and this five dollars goes in my pocket!"

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Posted by thegermangemini Aug 09, 2004

Your jokes are bad...really, really bad.

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Posted by Unicycle100 Mar 04, 2005

Bird_luver dont listen to thegermangemini. Not all of your jokes are bad.

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Posted by bird_luver Mar 05, 2005

thanx 4 that... wot do u mean, not ALL?

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Posted by erniedingus Sep 21, 2005

i heard this one when i was like 5. but it was an english man an irish man an a scots man an it wer a cave in da mountain...not bad tho!

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