An Undertaker's Job

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An undertaker had a busy day at work, and in front of him, was 3 new bodies that had been sent from the hospital.

The first one his mouth opened wide. He then moved on to see the next body. It too had opened his mouth widely.
Surprised, he went over to the last body. This body was charred and had a huge smile on his face.

Feeling puzzled, he turned to ask the hospital personnel:" What actually happened to these people?

"Well.." replied the personnel, "The first man died from laughing too much at a joke."

"The second man died while telling a very funny joke."

"The last man..well, he died while taking a picture. At least that was what he thought he was doing. He thought that the lightning was a camera's flash."

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Posted by shuangxineige Sep 10, 2004

oh cool

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Posted by ashleyrena143 Jul 30, 2005

Umm...I don't get it. And what's up with all the "& quots?"

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Posted by Battery Mar 12, 2008

I think its where the speech marks are meant to be

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