The Speeding Teacher

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Rushing to work, I was driving too fast and as a result was pulled over by the highway patrol.

The state trooper noticed that my shirt had the name of a local high school on it. "I teach math there," I explained.

The trooper smiled, and said, "Okay, here's a problem. A teacher is speeding down the highway at 16 m.p.h over the limit. At $12 for every m.p.h over the limit, plus $40 costs, plus the rise in her insurance, what's her total cost?

I replied, "Taking the total, subtracting the low salary I receive, multiplying by the number of kids who hate math, then adding to that the fact that none of us would be anywhere without teachers, I'd say zero."

He handed me back my license. "Math was never my favorite subject," he addmitted. "Please slow down."

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Posted by pcoker5619 Jun 14, 2005

didn't like it,it's not funny

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Posted by shimmermaid Jun 17, 2005

I love it! so true isnt it! unfortunately, teachers arent appreciated enough

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