Definitions of the Spanish Royal Academy of the Language

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LOVE: A word involving four letters, two vowels, two consonants and two idiots. It refers to a disease that can be cured by marriage.

ARCHITECT: A guy not "macho" enough to be an engineer and not queer enough to be an interior designer.

TO DANCE: It refers to the vertical frustration of a horizontal desire.

BRAIN: An organ that allows us to think we think.

BOY SCOUT: A child dressed like an idiot guided by an idiot dressed like a child.

HEADACHE: A woman's most trustworthy modern contraceptive.

BUST: Statue of a man without hands or the parts of a woman where a man's hands have been.

ORAL EXAM: A test you must pass to become an intern in the White house.

A POLITICAL CANDIDATE: A person who gets money form the rich and votes from the poor in order to protect them from each other.

TONGUE: A sexual organ that some degenerates use in order to speak.

PRIEST: A person everyone calls "Father" except for his own children, who call him "Uncle".

EASY: It is said of a woman who has the sexual morality of a man.

MAN: A living thing who at the age of nine months emerges from a place to which we will try to return for the rest of this life.

INTELLECTUAL: A person capable of thinking for more than one hour about anything other than sex.

MODESTY: Knowing you are perfect without telling anyone.

NYMPHOMANIA: A term describing any woman who wants to have sex more often than a man.

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