Farmer and the Chickens

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A farmer walks down to the Farm and Ranch Store to buy a bucket. When he gets there, they have some chickens and geese for sale, cheap.

Well, the fellow picks a goose and two chickens, and gets a bag of feed. He thinks for a minute and says, "Hey, how am I gonna carry all this home?"

The store manager says, "Well, put the feed in the bottom of the bucket, the goose on top, and carry a chicken under each arm."

The farmer gives it a try, and he starts home. A couple of blocks down the street, he runs into old Widow Smith, who's a little disoriented.

She says, "I don't remember which way my house is."

The farmer says, "Come on Miz Smith; you don't live far. Let's take this shortcut through the alley, and we'll have you home in no time."

Miz Smith exclaims, "Well, how do I know you won't molest me once we're in this back alley?"

The farmer says, "My God, woman, I got my hands full, how would I do that?!"

"Easy," she says, "Put the bucket over the goose, put the feed on top of the bucket, and I'll hold the two chickens."

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Posted by Aeropostale101 Mar 30, 2004

HUH? That was funny how...

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Posted by knightdog Feb 22, 2005

Sounds like she somehow wants this...

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