The Box.

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There was a man, let's call him Gregory. Gregory was carrying a small box, and he went to another man's house (we'll call him Jebediah) and knocked on the door. When Jebediah answered, Gregory said "I have a proposition for you. Take this box. There is a button inside. If you press the button before I return, someone that you don't know will die. Tomorrow, I will return. If you have pressed the button, I will give you $20,000."

Gregory left the box with Jebediah. Jebediah had to consider what he was going to do. Eventually he decided that he didn't care about the person, and he pressed the button.

The next day, Gregory returned to take back the box. "Well then, I belive that this is yours," he said, giving $20,000 to Jebediah. "Thank you," Jebediah said. "By the way, I'm just curious: What are you going to do with the box now?"

"I'm going to give it to someone that doesn't know you."

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Posted by Fathead Feb 27, 2012

There was a Twilight Zone episode and a short story like this, but more detailed. This one was more like the TZ episode.

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