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- When Cupid shoots his arrow, I hope he Mrs. you.

-If I were a head of lettuce, I'd cut myself in two. I'd give a leaf to everyone, but save the heart for you.

-Can't write, too dumb; inspiration won't come. Bad ink, no pen; that's all, amen.

-My love for you will never long as a pig has a curly tail.

-I eat my peas with honey. I've done it all my life. It makes my peas taste funny, but it keeps them on my knife.

-My love for you shall always shine, like bedbugs dipped in turpentine.

-Twinkle, twinkle, little star, powder puff and cold cream jar; Toni wave and lipstick too, will make a beauty out of you.

-I hope you sit on the tack of success and rise rapidly.

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