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A mystery-lover takes his place in the theater for opening night, but his seat is way back in the theater, far from the stage. The man calls an usher over and whispers, "I just love a good mystery, and I have been anxiously anticipating the opening of this play. However, in order to carefully follow the clues and fully enjoy the play, I have to watch a mystery close up. Look how far away I am! If you can get me a better seat, I'll give you a handsome tip."

The usher nods and says he will be back shortly. Looking forward to a large tip, the usher speaks with his co-workers in the box office, hoping to find some closer tickets. With just three minutes left until curtain, he finds an unused ticket at the will call window and snatches it up. Returning to the man in the back of the theater, he whispers, "Follow me."

The usher leads the man down to the second row, and proudly points out the empty seat right in the middle.

"Thanks so much." says the theatergoer, "This seat is perfect." He then hands the usher a quarter for a tip.

The usher looks down at the quarter, leans over and whispers, "The butler did it in the parlor with the candlestick."

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Posted by kgirlca Feb 13, 2004


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Posted by username Jul 22, 2005

i dont understand this one either.

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Posted by deepsea Aug 14, 2005

he was upset that the tip was so cheap so he told them the answer

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Posted by taran083 Jan 24, 2006

Any mystery lover loves trying to figure out on their own who the killer/mystery is. Its just like telling you who won a sports game right when it starts. It takes all the fun out of the entire show. (and the quarter was why the usher told him.)

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Posted by luna103 Apr 02, 2011

Its like Clue!!!

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