When Do I Start My Job?

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Boudreaux went into the fish market to apply for a job. The boss thought to himself - I'm not hiring that lazy Cajun, so he decided to set a test for Boudreaux hoping he wouldn't be able to answer the questions and he'd be able to refuse him the job without getting into an argument.

The first question was, "Without using numbers, represent the number 9."

Boudreaux says, "Dat's easy" and proceeds to draw three trees.

The boss says, "What in the world is that?"

Boudreaux says, "Tree 'n tree 'n tree makes nine."

"Fair enough" says the boss. "Second questions, same rules, but represent 99".

Boudreaux stares into space for a while, then makes a smudge on each tree.

"Der ya go sir," he says.

The boss scratches his head and asks, "How on earth do you get that to represent 99?"

Boudreaux answers, "Each tree is dirty now, so it's dirty tree 'n dirty tree 'n dirty tree - dat 99."

The boss is getting worried he's going to have to hire Boudreaux so he says, "All right, question number 3. Same rules again, but this time represent the number 100."

Boudreaux stares into space again, then he shouts, "I got it!" He makes a little mark at the base of each tree and says, "Der ya go sir - 100."

The boss looks at Boudreaux's attempt and thinks, "Ha! got him this time." He then tells Boudreaux, "Go on, Boudreaux, you must be crazy if you think that represents a 100."

Boudreaux leans forward and points to the little marks at the tree bases and says, "A little dog comes along and craps by each tree, so now ya got dirty tree an' a turd, dirty tree an' a turd, and dirty tree an' a turd, which makes 100. When do I start my job?"

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Posted by absy Dec 07, 2003

1.71 ya'll?? sheesh, i thought it was good!

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Posted by anchmike Dec 07, 2003

Thanks Absy! After more than a month on this site, I've learned there are some folks that have no idea how to rate a joke or don't have any sense of humor at all. There are others that go around giving everyone else the lowest score possible - I suspect to make their personal scores higher on the list or just for some weird personal satisfaction.

Comment score: 2  

Posted by absy Dec 07, 2003

np i think its a great joke. if they can't be honest in rating, then why take the time out of their day to rate at all?

Comment score: 2  

Posted by alex1234 Dec 07, 2003

anch...if you have noticed your ratings drop, it is probably because you submit so many duplicates, it gets annoying, and everyone suually gives 0/4 on duplicates

Comment score: 2  

Posted by anchmike Dec 07, 2003

They should rate the joke for what it is worth funnywise. Then report it as a dupe and get the points for reporting a dupe. It is nearly impossible to remember all the jokes on this site and the Search function doesn't always find the dupes because of varieties of words used in similar jokes. Also, I have found that many times the person submitting the dupe has a better version or did a better job of presenting it then the first one to post it.

Comment score: 1  

Posted by alex1234 Dec 10, 2003

we all hate searching to, but we have to do it anyway because it gets annoying seeing the same joke over and over. Sometimes when the joke is reported as a dupicate it will still remain on the site because some people dont take it seriously and always say no, just for the points. So if it won't get taken off the site we are going to at least just rate it bad.

Comment score: 4  

Posted by juggleboy502 Sep 08, 2005

i thought that it was a great joke!

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Posted by teen_wiz Jun 03, 2006

I thought it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 04, 2006

i think it's brilliant!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by Fathead Sep 08, 2007

I've heard it before, but what really got me was at the end.

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