Crashing Plane

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The Pope, a hippie, and George Bush were all on a plane that was crashing. The pilots had already jumped to safety and there were only two parachutes left. Without a moment's hesitation, Bush grabbed a pack, yelled "I'm the most powerful man in the universe! I have to survive!", and jumped from the plane.
The Pope, being the generous man that he is, said to the hippie, "You go ahead and take the last parachute. I'm an old man and I have lived a very full life."
The hippie thanked the Pope but said, "Don't worry - we'll both be fine. The most powerful man in the universe just jumped off the plane with my backpack."

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Posted by dancinchick9190 Apr 03, 2003

Good Job! I love that joke it's funny. I rarely find jokes that acually make me laugh but this one did the job. I laughed nice one I putt under my favoites and I think everyone else should too (that likes it anyways lol)

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Posted by Unicycle100 Feb 11, 2005

Very Very Funny I put this one in my favorites!

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Posted by maria_08540 Mar 13, 2005

i don't get it.

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Posted by juggleboy502 May 20, 2005

george bush, who isnt very smart, thought that the backpack was a parachute, so there were 2 parachutes left. , pretty funny

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Posted by flamehead Nov 07, 2006

I've heard this only as a blonde joke.

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Posted by ouchy1 May 15, 2008

Its a dupe but still funny

Comment score: 1  

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