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A visitor from Pakistan was strolling in a park in New Delhi, India, enjoying the greenery and flowers. He needed to empty his bladder badly, but couldn't find a urinal anywhere.

He couldn't hold out any longer, and went behind a large bush. Just as he was undoing his fly buttons a policeman caught him. "What do you think you are doing?" asked the constable.

"I want to pee," replied the visitor. "I am from Pakistan and I don't know where to go. Please help me out."

The constable ordered, "OK, follow me. I'll show you a place with more greenery, flowers and bushes than this park. You can pee there as much as you like." He took the Pakistani to a greener and more beautiful garden where he emptied his bladder.

The Pakistani emptied his bladder, thanked the policeman and asked "Whose garden is this, it is so beautiful?"

The constable replied, "This is the garden of the Pakistani High Commission."

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Posted by knightdog Feb 21, 2005

I don't get it.

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Posted by arjun May 16, 2005

Well if you must know in India making fun of pakistanis is funny.

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Posted by Majher Aug 04, 2005

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Posted by Misbahulhaq Apr 17, 2008

Indian's have no brains, that's why they make these jokes!

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