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"May I have your name, please?"
"My name's Myne."
"My name is Myne."
"Uh... I know your name is yours but..."
"Wait, who told you my name is Yores?"
"What? I think I said your name is yours..."
"You think you know my name better than me?"
"Oh, no, of course, that's why I said your name is yours..."
"Hey, listen, now I'm telling you, my name is not Yores..."
"Sure, that's just what I said!"
"OK, then forget it, now you got my name?"
"Sorry no, what's your name again please?"
"My name is Myne."
"Yes, yours, I know..."
"Not Yores, Myne. Myne, did you hear?"
"Yes, I do, I know that. But does that mean you won't tell your name?"
"What? And you said you heard it right! I already told you."
"Then why are you always saying your name is yours?"
"What the hell happens to you? Listen carefully, I'm telling you the last time, I promise. My name is not Yores, it's Myne."
"Come on, did I ever deny that? Your name oughta be yours, it can't be mine..."
"Hey, sorry, I'm afraid I'll have to find another hotel. Bye!"

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