The Phone Call

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After successfully passing the bar exam, a young man opened his own law office. One day he was sitting idle at his desk when his secretary announced that a Mr. Jones had arrived to see him.

"Show him right in!" the lawyer replied.

As Mr. Jones was being ushered in the lawyer had an idea. He quickly picked up the phone and shouted into it "...and you tell them that we won't accept less then fifty thousand dollars, and don't even call me until you agree to that amount!"

Slamming the phone down he stood up and greeted Mr. Jones, "Good morning, Mr. Jones, what can I do for you?"

"I'm from the telphone company," Mr. Jones replied. "I'm here to connect that phone."

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Posted by dsquared Apr 29, 2003

Heehee... the ol' disconnected phone gag... love it.

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Posted by Newf May 27, 2003

LMAO....I like it.

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Posted by darthforman May 08, 2005

good one

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Posted by coolhndsme May 06, 2006

good one very funny

Comment score: 2  

Posted by popesantaxiv May 06, 2006

HAHAHAAA!!! Oh my, that was quite embarrassing! EXCELLENT!

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Posted by 2sandwoman May 06, 2006

don't get it. :-0

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Posted by shimmermaid May 11, 2006

*snort* hehehe

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Posted by Shastaki Aug 25, 2006

The lawyer was pretending to be this big successful guy by demanding all that money over the phone while someone he thought was a client was walking in, but the "client" turned out to be there to connect the phone.

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Posted by Andy May 10, 2007


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Posted by bradon182001 Jul 22, 2008

I thought it was good. Made me laugh.

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Posted by Josy Mar 22, 2010

good one..

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