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All of the following town names are REAL:

Long Dong (Guangxi, China)

Blowhard (Australia)

Pickles Gap (Arkansas)

Petting (Germany)

Mount Mee (Australia)

Titting (Germany)

Lickdale (Pennsylvania, USA)

Yocumtown (Pennsylvania, USA)

Fugit (Kentucky, USA)

Assinippi (Massachusetts, USA)

Big Cockup and Little Cockup (England)

Cocktown (Wexford, Ireland)

Sally's Gap (Ireland)

Dick Johnson (Indiana, USA)

Beaver Bottom (Kentucky, USA)

Black Butte (Oregon, USA)

Sandy Balls (England)

Tilicum (Washington, USA)

Cockburn (Australia)

Bangor (Wales)

Dyckesville (Wisconsin, USA)

Ballville (Ohio, USA)

Prickwillow (England)

Black Charlie's Opening (England)

Kinmount (Ontario, Canada)

Euren (Wisconsin, USA)

Cockland (Ohio, USA)

Assville (Tennessee, USA)

Spuzzum (Canada)

Bloody Dick (Montana, USA)

Shafter (California, USA)

Beaver (Oklahoma, USA)

Mt. Buggery (Australia)

Handcock Town (North Carolina, USA)

Shitlingthorpe (Yorkshire, UK)

Bastard (Norway)

Sackville (Canada)

Twatt (Orkney, UK)

Muff (County Donegal, Ireland)

Licking Valley (Ohio, USA)

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Posted by marigold May 24, 2006

Tightwad, Missouri :-)

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