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See if you can find the hidden image in the group of characters below. It takes some concentration, but it's worth it.
Don't cheat by scrolling down before you look at it. Have fun!

You'll be surprised when you see what it is...

{{{{{{{===**++++*****+++++++++++????????/// //////////%\\\

Most people find it easiest to put your nose right up to the screen, then slowly back away while continuing to stare.

If you still don't see it scroll down for the answer......

It's a picture of..........NOTHING!!!

I can't believe you fell for that! I hope someone walked by and saw you looking like a complete fool with your eyes crossed and your nose against the screen

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Posted by taran083 Jul 23, 2006

i'm actually shocked you submitted something of this sort Newf... you have a ton of great jokes. Bit of advice though since you did... never poke fun at the audience unless it's expected. otherwise you'll get an audience annoyed ^_^. Keep the other great jokes coming though :-D

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