Iraqi Fighters

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There was an Iraqi force moving thru the desert. As they were approaching some mountains they heard (from over the mountains) "One U.S. Marine can take out 10 Iraqi fighters!" The General of the army sent out ten of his men to take care of the american, none of them came back after some shooting. Then he heard, "One U.S. Marine can take out 100 Iraqi fighters!" So the General sent out 100 of his men after a long time of shooting none of his men returned. Then he heard "One U.S. Marine can take out 1000 Iraqi fighters!" The General, angry now, sends 1000 fighters. After a very long time of shooting one man comes back. In his dying breath he said, "Don't send anymore men! Its a trap, there are two of them."

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Posted by smartie_pants Aug 28, 2005

that is so funny!

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Posted by ntsoaky Nov 15, 2005

i dont get it, how do 2 soldires manage to kill so many people?

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Posted by BBKatsu Dec 04, 2007

They just do, coz its a joke.

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