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"Two tone paint work" - Original color and rust.

"One careful owner" - But the other nine were clumsy as anything.

"10,000 trouble-free miles" - Crashed in the last 20 feet.

"Heated rear window" - So you don't get cold hands when push-starting the thing in winter.

"Very clean" - Only washed if and when it rains.

"Lady owner" - The glove box is full of half-used cosmetics.

"Clean interior" - All the rubbish is under the floormats.

"Immobilizer" - The gear shift comes off in your hand.

"Anti-theft device" - I can let you have a Rottweiler cheap.

"Drives beautifully" - ... in a straight line; the steering is all over the place.

"Low mileage" - The odometer is on its third time around.

"Full service history" - Charlie in the garage round the corner checked it over last week.

"Economical" - Doesn't use much fuel, as it can't go any faster than 30 mph.

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