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A little boy was sitting on the couch while his parents were arguing.
"I don't want your bastard family coming over for Thanksgiving." said his mom.

"Mom, what's a bastard?" asked the little boy.

"Oh, that is just your dad's family." she replied.

"Well I don't want those bitches you call family to come either!" his dad said

"Dad, what,s a bitch?"

"Oh, it is just your moms family."he said

Later the little boy went and took a shower with his mom. He looked up and said, "Mom what are those?" His mom was surprised she didn't know what to say so she said, "Oh, they are tits. something grown ups wear under there clothes."The boy seemed satisfied and got out.

He then took a shower with his dad. When he looked up he asked, "Dad what's that?" Flustered his dad said, "Oh, that is a dick. It is something adults wear."

"Ohhh okay." the little boy said.

After the shower his Dad was shaving his face and he cut himself and said, "Shit!"

"Dad what's shit?" the little boy asked.

"Oh, it is what you rub on your face when you're shaving." he said.

Then the Little boy went downstairs and saw his Mom carving the turkey. She cut her finger and said, "Fuck!"

"Mom, what is fuck?'

"Oh honey it is something you do to the turkey for Thanksgiving."

The doorbell rang and the little boy went to answer it. He opened up the door and said, "Hello all you BITCHES and BASTARDS hang your TITS and DICKS in the closet." The guests were appalled. They angrily asked where his parents were. "Dad is upstairs rubbing SHIT all over his face and Mom is FUCKING the turkey."

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Posted by Animeladd May 01, 2005

LMAO! THat is jokes!!

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Posted by timmycool Jul 24, 2006


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