What Women Can & Cannot Wear To A Pool

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A few rules for what women can and cannot wear at a private pool.

1) Thongs are encouraged... however only if certain conditions are met.

1A) There must be a direct correlation to the amount of total square inches of skin, to the total amount of square inches of bathing suit. In other words, if you are any larger than a mini van, a string bikini should be frowned upon.

1B) Thongs or ass floss as they have been come to be known in pool and beach circles, should be worn as long as there is not more cellulite on your buttocks than in one of Mel Gibson's Epic type movies.

2) Women with near perfect figures, cannot wear one piece bathing suits... plain and simple. Damn, I know it's a sexist world, but it's the world that we live in.

3) Curlers are strictly verboten.

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