Throw Up

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There were 2 guys who were best friends, Bob and Carl, that went walking everyday past a very fancy restuarant made up of very clear, expensive glass. Well everytime they went by, they would always make jokes about the rich snobs who dined there (of course because they were jealous because they wanted to be in there eating the expensive food). So one day Bob made a bet with Carl that he could make half of the people throw up. As soon as Carl agreed on the bet, Bob went and put his boogers and some dog poop all over the glass and indeed half of the people did throw up. So Carl lost some money but wanted to get it back. So he made a bet the he could get the other half of the people to throw up. Bob thought there is no way of doing this but he did. Carl went up and licked it all off! And in the end they both broke even.

The End (lol)

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Posted by dakini1 Aug 09, 2003


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Posted by juggleboy502 Jun 17, 2005

ewww! i mean, i eat my boogers, but i dont eat poo-, HEY!!! you tricked me into that!!! lol just kiddin.... good joke, though!

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