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Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush meet up in Baghdad for the first round of talks in a new peace process. When George sits down, he notices three buttons on the side of Saddam's chair.

They begin talking. After about five minutes, Saddam presses the first button. A boxing glove springs out of a box on the desk and punches Bush in the face.

Confused, Bush carries on talking as Saddam laughs. A few minutes later, the second button is pressed. This time a big boot comes out and kicks Bush in the shin. Again Saddam laughs, and again Bush carries on talking, not wanting to put off the bigger issue of peace between the two countries.

But when the third button is pressed and another boot comes out and kicks Bush in the privates, he's finally had enough, knowing that he can't do much without them functioning well.

"I'm going back home!" he tells the Iraqi. "We'll finish these talks in two weeks!"

A fortnight passes and Saddam flies to the United States for talks. As the two men sit down, Hussein notices three buttons on Bush's chair and prepares himself for the Yank's revenge.

They begin talking and George presses the first button. Saddam ducks, but nothing happens. Bush snickers. A few seconds later he presses the second button. Saddam jumps up, but again nothing happens. Bush roars with laughter. When the third button is pressed, Saddam jumps up again, and again nothing happens. Bush falls on the floor in a fit of hysterics.

"Forget this," says Saddam. "I'm going back to Baghdad!" Bush says through tears of laughter, "What Baghdad?"

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Posted by dsquared Mar 13, 2003

This really is simply hilarious Mad... pure hilarity.

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Posted by dakini1 Jun 26, 2003

I'm still laughing! Great joke!

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Posted by ac3p1l07 Jun 20, 2005


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Posted by ntsoaky Jul 21, 2005

i'm laughing so hard i cant even write this comment.

Comment score: 1  

Posted by mat3 Jul 22, 2005

I've heard that before but it was still kind of funny

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Posted by laughingproblem Aug 05, 2005

i dont get it...

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Posted by kayleeskitties Sep 19, 2005

Too hilarious!!!

Comment score: -1  

Posted by sunnyday311 Dec 21, 2005

Laughingproblem, Bush blew up Baghdad with the buttons on his chair. Funny, by the way.

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Posted by spice_2 Jul 07, 2006

It took me a minute to get it, but then I burst out laughing! lol

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