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Due to insufficient activity and a measly community, it has been decided that Wocka shall be merged with, the sister site of Wocka but with brain teasers. The decision was not an easy one, and there has been long discussions with Jake in both the Braingle and Wocka forums. The discussion was so heated that even Braingle's debate forums could not equal it. However, consensus was in favour of the merge and there's not much you can do about it.

The following measures shall be taken:
1) All Wocka users now have a Braingle account. If they've already had one before, then their Wocka score is added to their Braingle score. Jake has made sure that the passwords of every Wocka and Braingle user match. If your Braingle and Wocka passwords are different, Jake will send you an email by tomorrow noon, Braingle time telling you what to do.
2) All Wocka users with over 1000 marks now have an extra green karma arrow at Braingle.
3) Wocka awards have been altered so that they differ from Braingle awards. The new set of awards have been transferred to your Braingle account.
4) Wocka's joke database is yet to be transferred to Braingle, so you cannot view jokes there or look at your favourites yet.
5) The Wocka forums will be merged into Braingle's soon.
6) In order to match Braingle, subscription will be renamed to joke watchlist soon.
7) Editors of Wocka are now Jokemasters of Braingle.
8) Any Wocka user who actually thinks this message is serious loses ALL points on Braingle earned by taking the IQ test.

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Posted by Fathead Sep 18, 2014

Braingle is a brain teaser site.

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