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Take this quiz to see if you are an idiot or not. If you make just one single mistake, you are an idiot. Ready?

1.George Washington, who was born in 1732, was born in what year?
2.The second war of the world, known as the World War II, is known as what?
3.What is the answer to one hundred plus one hundred, given that one hundred plus one hundred is two hundred?
4.What punctuation mark is used after this sentence, which is a question mark?
5.This joke, who was written by xJOKERx, was written by who?
6.If an elephant is bigger than a mouse, is a mouse bigger than an elephant?
7.If this question has thirteen words, how many words does this question have?
8.If you are currently reading this joke, give one person who is currently reading this joke.
9.If the tortoise won his race against rabbit, am I right that rabbit won the race?
10.If you are now reading the tenth question in the Quiz For The Idiots, are you now reading the ninth?

I hope you did not make any mistake because if you did you are certified IDIOT!

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Posted by xJOKERx May 24, 2009

Sorry everyone for the correction in # 5 and #6. I need to get someone to edit those.

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