Delete Your Enemies

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Henry: Oh my enemies makes me so mad I want to kill them!

Phil: I can help you with that.

Henry: How?

Phil: First, go to the internet cafe. When you are already using the computer make a folder and name it "Your Enemies". After that, delete the folder. Go to the recycle bin and delete the folder again. It should say "Do you really want to delete "Your Enemies"?". Click yes. Now you don't have your enemies any more. They're deleted out of this world. There's no way you can get them back unless you create them.

Henry: Oh! Now I can get rid of them; but what if I decide to create them again? How can I create them again?

Phil: There's no way you can create them again, Henry. To create them, of course they need to be born. You said that all females are your enemies.

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Posted by Smarty_Pants321 Dec 07, 2011

Ha ha!!! That is really funny!!!

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