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During a break at work, John and Steve are chit-chatting about what happened the previous night:

John: "OK, well last night the wife and I decided to go see a play. I waited for 10 minutes downstairs for her to get ready, and we got on our way. So, we're driving down the street, when suddenly a car from oncoming traffic swerves into our lane! I quickly gripped the wheel, and turned out of the way. I hit the guardrail, so my car spun out, took 2 flips in the air, and landed in the ditch at the side of the road. But - guess what? My wife and I crawled out of the car WITHOUT a scratch. What do you think?"

Steve: "I...I just can't believe it."

John: "I know, right? Isn't it unbelievable how we made it out alive and absolutely fine?"

Steve: "No..not that. I just can't believe that it only took your wife 10 minutes to get ready!"

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Posted by minnifer May 02, 2011

A nice joke (:

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