The Guy Who Doesn't Know English Well

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Here is a guy that doesn't know English well that is going to a restaurant in Virginia:

Waiter: Welcome sir, have a seat.

The waiter sent him to a solo table.

The guy: Happy birthday, sir!

Waiter: It's not my birthday today.

The guy: Oh I mean thank you sir. I don't really know how to speak English well.

The waiter gave the guy the menu, but he didn't understand the things written. Then he heard a customer that is ordering food, and the guy thought of copying everything the customer is saying to the waiter. The waiter comes:

Waiter: What would you want, sir?

Customer: I would want the manager's special fried chicken, some whole wheat bread, and this fish salad.

The guy: I do want a manager's special flied chicken, some hole wheat breath, and these flesh salad.

Waiter: Ummm sir did you mean the manager's choice special fried chicken, some whole wheat bread, and the fish salad?

The guy: Yes sir. Sorry for the poor diction.

Customer: Also waiter please get that magazine over there.
The guy: Also weightlifter please get that megazine over there.

Waiter: Yes sir it's waiter, not weightlifter, and magazine.

The guy: Sorry for that again.

The customer observed that the guy was copying all that he has ordered.

Customer: Hey you, why are you copying all that I am ordering?

The guy: Do you think that you are the only one that eats a magazine?

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Posted by SEPTILLIONGOLDS Mar 12, 2009

nice joke

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