Bloody Mary

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One night a bartender who was working at a local joint was very drunk.
His fiancee left him a long time ago and he was very desperate
so he started using alcohol as a substitute. A little later that night a blond walked in late at night and sat down. The blond was cute young and very flirty. So a little later she started flirting with the bartender. He started to get the drift that she was flirting and started flirting very heavily with her back.
A little later she felt something and before she could stand to go to the restroom she had her period right there she quickly sat back and felt mortified praying the bartender did not notice anything. He didn't so she started ordering lots of bloody marys from the bartender that took his place while he was on his break. When he came back he looked at her and all the spilt bloody marys and said my god you must love that drink. By the way what's your name you never told me? Oh my name's mary, oh really he then noticed something wet in her dress. So your favorite drink is a bloody mary he said. Yeah she said. He then realized she had her period because he noticed something wet in her pants. Ya, but I don't like bloody marys that much. He then noticed another cute blond sipping a drink. But i sure like Shirley temples.

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Posted by GEGEGE Dec 30, 2008

Sorry this joke i made is really pathetic.

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Posted by boodler Dec 30, 2008

Somebody tried, and failed miserably, to "correct" this rubbish!

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Posted by 5600113 Jan 20, 2009


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Posted by Missildine22 May 12, 2009

It might have been funny the first time it was told. But it got ruined here.

Comment score: 2  

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