The Computer Mouse

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One day, a blonde and a brunette were talking on the phone. Then the brunette says, " I have to go get a new mouse for the computer. My mouse isn't running good." Since the blonde hates mice. she goes over to her computer and opens it up, looking for a running mouse. She runs back to the phone and says, " But my computer works fine without a mouse"; but since she took so long looking for the mouse, her friend hung up and the phone battery was dying out so it sounded like a squeeky assuming and it was the mouse she searched her whole house finding not one mouse. Then she calls her brunette on the phone saying I can't find one mouse in my house what does it look like? After she finished describing it the blonde finds it, then she squishes it saying, " There, it is dead! "

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Posted by kgirlca Jan 31, 2004

Its kinda hard to follow. You might want to use more puntuation next time.

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Posted by cubsfan1 Oct 15, 2005

Im fixing it

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Posted by boodler Jun 18, 2006

Well, cubsfan, so you've fixed it, eh? If you were a mechanic, I wouldn't let you near my car! If you were an accountant, I wouldn't let you near my books!

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