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Jack and Joe are in a diner where there's a computer who gives advice to the people in the diner. Jack starts talking about how the two are going to graduate from high school when a young boy walks in. He explains his problem to the computer, which gladly offers him advice. The boy walks out happily.
The computer comes over to Jack and Joe. Joe asks, "Hey, how come you never help us with our problems?"
The computer answers, "I'm just a computer. I'm not a miracle maker."

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Posted by boodler Aug 03, 2008

This "computer" - it has legs that it can walk?

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Posted by Fable_Master Sep 12, 2008

Spongebob isn't funny.

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Posted by MrDrProf May 11, 2011

Absolute rip off of a sponge bob episode, and you made it worse

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