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A woman named Denise couldn't read her book. Her daughter Kelly was clicking away on the computer, but this time she was talking in a strange voice.
Denise decided to go check on what Kelly was doing. "Kelly," she said in a stern tone, "I told you no talking on the computer when I'm trying to read!"
Her daughter looked confused. "What? It was just the man with the Apple iPhone."
The next day the Apple iPhone arrived, but Kelly was grounded from her computer for a month. Denise tried to read, but yet again Kelly was talking in that strange voice. She said the same thing to Kelly, but she simply responded, "What? It's just the man with the Wii."
The Wii arrived the next day and Kelly was now grounded from every electronic system there ever was. But Kelly was still talking in that voice! Denise was steaming now and threatened to ground Kelly for a year. "WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?" Denise yelled.
Kelly was trembling, but calmly she said, "It's Dad. He's been talking right next to me every day."

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Posted by violasrule Jul 07, 2008


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Posted by kappa64 Jul 07, 2008

i dont get it

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Posted by sbk1993 Jul 08, 2008

how is this rated R when most people don't get it? i don't get it.

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Posted by brain23 Jul 11, 2008

Kelly was talking to her dad, who had a Wii and an Apple iPhone. The mom thought she was on one of those ads where it says, "Congratulations. You have been selected to recieve a free Apple iPhone."

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Posted by kappa64 Jul 11, 2008

If I was her, i wouldnt call my dad the man with the wii. or the man with the iphone. i would just say i was talking to dad. thats a very confusing joke

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