12 Things a Man Can Do in the Bathroom

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1.When you walk into the bathroom, shout loudly that you have explosive diarrhea.

2.When on the urinal (make sure someone is next to you), slowly turn your head toward their genital area then swiftly turn your head back and start laughing.

3.Put a mud, corn meal, crushed rotten eggs, animal (or fake) blood and marmite mixture into each one of the toilets.

4.When on the toilet, make loud grunting and straining noises, making sure the person in the stall next to you can hear, then drop a melon into the toilet and give a long relaxing sigh.

5.Repeat #4 only replace the dropping melon with an audio recording of an atomic bomb blast.

6.Take a bag of fake blood or ketchup, and while on the toilet say loudly, "Oh no I'm peeing blood again," and let the fake blood drip onto the floor, making sure the person in the stall(s) next to you can see it.

7.Put big boots and a cheap pair of long pants stuffed with straw in every stall and lock the doors, making it look like it's occupied, then spike everyone's meal in the building with heavy duty prune juice.

8.Hide a DVD player in the bathroom and put on a long porno, making sure it includes very seductive audio).

9.Take a water gun into the bathroom and while on the toilet, spray the stall wall, and say, "Whoa! Easy there, little fella!"

10.While on the toilet, sing, "The Phantom Of The Opera," very loudly.

11.(This works best in a 1-toilet bathroom or a very busy place) Take animal or fake guts into the bathroom, then try to hold up a very long line, making sure there are a lot of people waiting for the bathroom. Clog the toilet with the animal guts by forcing it to flush down, but stuck in the pipes, which will be pushed back out if flushed again (while making loud grunting noises for the people outside to hear). Walk out of the stall and ignore the line of pissed off people waitign to use the toilet, wait in the bathroom entrance. When you hear the first flush, listen to the screams and people rushing out of the bathroom.

12.Put a walkie-talkie behind one of the toilets while you're holding the other one, hide in the vents. When a person walks into the stall with the walkie-talkie and begin to take a dump, make loud farting noises and explosion sounds with into your walkie-talkie.

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Posted by sacapuntas25 Jul 22, 2008

Most of these are more rude then funny! - and it's ilegal to hide in the vents in a bathroom.

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Posted by fame Dec 29, 2008


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Posted by evil996 Nov 20, 2009

Hahaha. super funny! another addition to my favs

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Posted by juan3629 Oct 11, 2011


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