7 Dwarfs and the Pope

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Sleepy just ran back into the house after reading the newspaper and exclaimed, "Everyone! Everyone, the Pope is coming to town this weekend!" Grumpy replies, "Great! Now we can ask him the question!"

The weekend rolls around and they stand in line to speak to the pope, it's finally their turn and they send up Dopey and await for him to ask the Pope their question.

"Umm... Mr. Pope, do... Do they have nuns in Alaska?" asks Dopey. "Well, I do think so, yes they do, son," replied the Pope.

"Tell the rest tell the rest!" yelled the other 6 little annoying midgets. "Umm... do, do they have black nuns in Alaska?" asked Dopey.

"Well.. I don't see why they wouldn't, so yes, they do." replied the Pope. "Tell him the rest!! Go on!" the 6 dwarfs yelled to Dopey. "Do... do they have black midget nuns in Alaska?" Dopey asked.

"Hmmm... nope, I don't think so, boy, why do you ask?" replied the Pope, to which all the little 6 dwarfs exclaimed,

"Dopey fucked a penguin! Dopey fucked a penguin!"

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Posted by Misbahulhaq Jun 12, 2008

There are no penguins in alaska!

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Posted by vbguy101 Jul 16, 2008

i think we all know that, but its still pretty funny

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