How Offensive is That?

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Jesus has just been nailed to the cross and has begun to suffer from the wounds, a crowd has gathered to watch and sympathize with Him. As Jesus looks out over the gathering he calls to one of his apostles. "Paul... Paul," He calls out.

Paul hears his name and comes to the front of the gathering. "Yes, Jesus, how may I serve you?" he exclaims. Just then a guard comes up to Paul, cuts Paul's right arm off with his sword, and throws him back into the crowd, saying, "No one is allowed to speak with the prisoner!"

Jesus once again calls his name. "Paul . . . Paul", he calls. Paul, determined, goes to the front of the gathering again. There he meets the same guard who this time cuts off his left arm and both legs and throws him back into the crowd.

Jesus yells out once again, "Paul . . . Paul." Paul, who is now lying on his back on the ground, attempts to roll to the front of the gathering. The guard, seeing this determination and devotion, finally weakens and decides to let Paul speak to Jesus. He goes over to Paul, picks him up and brings him to the front of the crowd. Paul, with tears in his eyes, looks up to his saviour and speaks, "Yes Jesus, I am here. What is it I can do for you?"

Jesus looks over the horizon and then to Paul and says, "Oh nothing. I just wanted to tell you that I could see your house from here!"

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