60 Divided By 1/3rd

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What is 60 divided by 1/3rd?

Read carefully.

If you think it's 180, then you're wrong! The answer is 20.

3rd is 1/3.
1/3rd is 1/(1/3), and therefore 3.
60 divided by 3 is 20.

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Posted by sbk1993 Mar 31, 2008

the math is wrong. it is 1/3(one-third). if it was one and one-third like he/she thought, it would be written 1 and 1/3. whoever put this joke up needs to work on their math

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Posted by Battery Mar 31, 2008

I kind of get what you're saying

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Posted by Alexeagle Mar 31, 2008

it's not even a joke

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Posted by then00b12 Mar 31, 2008

I think i get it, he/she means 1 3rd whichs means I three I think...........

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Posted by Majher Apr 03, 2008

This is a funny joke...

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Posted by jimbob8491 May 01, 2009

The answer given is NOT the answer to the question given! The CORRECT answer is 180!

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