Shortest Stalemate

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How many moves, at least, are required to stalemate in chess?

Nineteen moves.

1.h4 h5
2.c4 a5
3.Qa4 Ra6
4.Qxa5 Rah6
5.Qxc7 f6
6.Qxd7+ Kf7
7.Qxb7 Qd3
8.Qxb8 Qh7
9.Qxc8 Kg6

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Posted by ComfyAndJoy Apr 30, 2008

omg. i'm gettin so effin tired of these dang things. i'm lookin 4 sumthin 2 make me laugh. not somethin to make my head hurt worse.. an atleast put the right rating. this should not be PG in the first place.

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