April Fools

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My uncle (Dan) and his best friend (Erik) have an April Fool month every April. Each plays one major prank on the other during the month - neither know when they will be pranked or what will happen when they are. Here are a couple of the things that they have done to each other:

1. One year Erik took police caution tape and completely wraped Dan's jeep up in it. He took the tape over and under the jeep so that the only visible parts of the car were the tires. He then took the tape across the street and into the house to his bedroom door. When Dan woke up and followed the tape to his front door he saw his entire jeep in yellow tape!

2. Another year Dan entered an ad in the pets section for a 'dog' looking for a home the dog was "female, name: Coleen, good with kids, has red hair, happy, loving, looking for a good family." Erik got so many phone calls for this friendly 'dog' named Coleen that he had to disconnect his phone for 2 weeks! It gets better; Coleen is his girlfriend and when one guy called, my aunt answered the phone pretending to be Coleen the man was so embarrassed he quickly said, "I'm soo sorry," then hung the phone up.

3. One other year Erik was pulled over by a cop as he was leaving Dan's house, put in handcuffs and put in the back of a cop car, told his rights and told he could make one phone call after he was in the back of the cop car. He called Dan since he was just leaving Dan's house. Dan rushed up the street and when the cop opened the car door he said, "What's wrong?" Of course Erik didn't know what was going on, and by now needed another pair of pants. Dan said "April Fool!" and Erik was released from the car and allowed to go back home. My uncle had a cop friend who had agreed to arrest Erik falsely for Dan as a joke. My brother was hiding in the bushes the whole time videotaping the whole thing!

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