Tryin' to Sleep

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You go to sleep on the couch in your living room one night, but you find yourself unable to get any sleep. You realize it is probably because you are hungry, so you go and make a pb&j, and eat it.
You lay back down.
After a while, you get sorta thirsty, so you get up again and go get a drink of rootbeer. GULP~GULP~GULP~....BURP!
You lay back down.
Still no sleep.
You do what everybody recommends - you count sheep. 1...2...3...4....5....

You have to go to the bathroom from all of that rootbeer.
You lay back down.
Still no sleep, so you start singing, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," to yourself - but when you finish, you are still not tired.

You say you favorite bedtime story to yourself out loud because you have it memorized and because no one else is around.....and after a fall asleep.

In the morning at 9:00, you wake up. What side of the bed do you wake up on? Right or left?
...........Take your time to think.

Neither, silly. You slept on the couch!

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