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Carlos Mencia orginally said this but it's still true...

What's makes life beautiful is the essence of the fact that it can go away - so you don't wanna live like that. You don't wanna be the person, do you, that had a fight.

An inconsequential, insignificant, stupid, fight with your spouse about who was supposed to open or close the window, or turn off the light at that bedtime, so you did it but you were pissed and you stayed pissed with you wife. Not cuz it was real, but hell, we'll make up later and nothing better than make up sex, is there? And in the morning you woke up and things were still bad.

But you kept that cuz, hey, I'm gonna come back and we're gonna do it - and then what happened? You went to your building, and you were, sadly, on that 90th floor, and that happened, and your ass is never gonna go back home again. and the best you could do was call your woman or man and say, "I love you."

And you missed that last night. Why? Because you thought that it would last forever. See, every comedy show you've ever been to ends with a big joke because that's what you need....

I end with a big joke, you laugh, I say good night, and that's how it's supposed to be. But that ain't life, my friends.

If you learn anything from me, learn one thing, that sometimes, sometimes . . . Shit happens.

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