The Funny Cat

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A boy named John was moving away somewhere far from his the home he is already in. But he couldn't bring the loved kitten he found. So he decided to sneak it. He stuffed the cat in a cardboard box without any holes. Suddenly his mother came up. He quickly taped it shut and put it on the corner of his bed.

"John, did I hear a cat meow?"
"No mother."

She left. So then John went "Whew!" and he sat on the opposite corner of the bed. It forced the box upwards and out the window. The cat popped out and had it hands up, like on a roller coaster, and the same with its feet. It stared right at John and made a quiet meow. It fell in the kiddie pool.

John said, "Well no wonder they call it the Kitty pool!"
His mom came in and said, "You can bring the cat!"

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Posted by BBKatsu Dec 23, 2007


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