Don't Have a Rake

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Mike and Joe, two buddies, were talking when Joe asked, "Hey Mike, do you have a rake?"
"No," Mike replied.
Joe questioned, "Well, then will ask your sister to come to my house this weekend to help with something?"
Mike, even though he thought this was a strange request, consented, and later talked his sister into it.
That weekend, Mike, overcome with curiosity, drove to Joe's. Joe called out that he and Mike's sister were in the back yard.
After walking around, Mike saw Joe holding Mike's sister updide down by her toes and pushing and pulling her through Joe's flower garden. Obviously shocked, Mike yelled in surprise, "What the heck do you think you are doing?"
Calmly Joe answered, "A gardening magazine said to use a rake to even out the soil. Neither of us had one, but they said I could also use a hoe."

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Posted by bjonbdbhinbidbjz Sep 19, 2007

That was funny, but also quite mean. But, some jokes are meant to be funny through insults.

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Posted by samg Sep 24, 2007

"My friend is a rake, but he don't look like that!"

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Posted by Celanba Sep 29, 2007

That's funny!

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Posted by reptile5000 Dec 30, 2007

I found it very predictable.

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