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"Of course I know what I'm doing!"

"Trust me."

"Say, what happens if I press this?"

"Stop being so negative!"

"I'm perfectly fine. Really."

"Do you smell something burning?"

"It's not that poisonous. Look, if I eat some first will you try it?"

"See? Told you I wasn't afraid of heights!"

"You know, bears are really very social creatures. That one over there is smiling at me!"

"I think this is what they said to do. At any rate, I guess we'll see soon!"

"No! Why would I need to read some silly instructions?"

"Just wondering - what does skull and cross-bones mean? Did this bottle belong to pirates? It did taste kind of odd."

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Posted by qwerty123 Aug 24, 2007

And the all time classic for famous last words. OOPS!

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Posted by ntsoaky Oct 16, 2007

Or 'Uh-oh!'

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