Doctors V. Gun Owners

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Number of physicians in the US = 700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians/year =120,000.
Accidental deaths/physician = 0.171

Number of gun owners in US = 80,000,000
Number of accidental gun deaths/year = 1500
Accidental deaths/gun owner =.0000188

Conclusion - Doctors are approximately 9000 times more
dangerous than gun owners!

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Posted by standinsmoke May 16, 2008

Not to detract from the joke but that's the number of registered gun owners, not the actual number of people that own guns or have access to them.

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Posted by Alexeagle May 16, 2008

that's only the amount of accidental deaths from gun owners...

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Posted by popesantaxiv May 16, 2008

Notice the emphasis on 'accidental'. Now, how many deliberate deaths are caused by physicians and gun owners, eh? You tell me that.

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